Hi, I'm Ivan.
An illustrator telling compelling visual stories through playful characters, bold shapes and bright colors.

I'm taking all cool projects and am always excited for new commissions!
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Kulturforum ODKR - Susret, 2019
3 House Lab, Novi Sad, 2019
36 Mountains, Zagreb, 2018
No Effort - Laser Summit, Beograd, 2018
Pola Plakatiranja!, Beograd, 2018
Plakatiranje, Zagreb, 2017
PDP Local, Novi Sad, 2016
Graphic art colony for youth, Belgrade, 2016
36 mountains, Zagreb, 2016
Designed.rs, Belgrade, 2016
Morning Workout, Novi Sad, 2016
Decks for Change, Australia, 2016
PDP Allstars, Novi Sad, 2015
PDP Conference, Novi Sad, 2014
Upidiv, Novi Sad, 2014
LiceUlice, Belgrade, 2014
Share, Belgrade, 2012

Please don´t copy or use any of my work without permission.
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