Born and based in Novi Sad, Ivan Mesaroš is an illustrator and graphic designer who at a young age, as we all did, fell in love...with a pencil. Currently the youngest member of UPIDIV (Association of Applied Arts Artists and Designers of Vojvodina), he graduated from FTS with a bachelors degree in Graphic Engineering and Design, and is completing his masters degree in the same field.

Over time his love expanded to include illustrations, graphic and web design but always with a particular interest in simplicity, in order to communicate effectively. Throughout his creative output he remained strongly influenced by comics, cartoons and music.

As time passed he had many different loves, which are irrelevant for this text, so meh... Anyway, if you have a project or an idea, regardless of form or scale, feel free to contact me, and I promise I won't talk in third person no more. Other than that,

Thank you for visiting!


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